The holidays are right around the corner. They always seem to come out of nowhere. Pretty soon we will be bombarded with poinsettias, Christmas carols and an abundance of lights. But there are also tons of traditions, family gatherings (good or bad) and did we mention the baked goodies?

The holidays can also be a great time to donate to charities. Below are some reasons why donating can be a great tradition to start in your own life.

1. It gives you good reason to de-clutter.

We all have those items we hang on to we don’t wear or they simply don’t fit. Donating them to someplace that will give them to those in need is a great way to spread some holiday cheer and organize your closets at the same time. Besides who doesn’t want to start off the new year a little more organized.

2. Charities are in need this time of year.

The holidays tend to be the busiest time of year for these types of organizations. There are many out there less fortunate than the average person and we can help spread a little holiday cheer by taking time to make a positive impact in the lives of other.

3. Charitable donations can help reduce taxes when filing with the IRS.

One of the great IRS tax deductions that almost anyone can enjoy revolves around charitable contributions. As long as you donate items to qualifying charities, you can typically write off these contributions when preparing your tax return, which can help you in reducing your taxes. You can write off clothing, toys, household items and even vehicles. Just remember to obtain a receipt or other form of written acknowledgement from any charitable organization to which you make a donation. You’ll need this documentation to prove to the IRS that your charitable deduction is legitimate.

Let us know why you donate to charities below and help spread some cheer!

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