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We can provide support for your complete tax needs. Taxes for the business owner can be pretty daunting. Kehlenbrink, Lawrence and Pauckner can guide you through the maze of tax law and requirements. Find out today how our tax services can benefit you and your business.

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Entity Selection

Before you open your doors, it’s important to ask this question. “What type of entity (C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership or Sole proprietor) should my business be?” And the answer is – “it depends.” We can walk you through all the important issues that you need to consider before making this important decision.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation and Estate Planning

We can help you work through all the complex steps of estate and trust tax preparation, and estate planning. You’ll be glad you had a real professional on your side.

Tax Planning & Preparation

For most business owners it is important to coordinate their business and personal income issues. At KLP, we understand that it is imperative to consider all aspects of your tax paying circumstances. We have the expertise and communication skills necessary to help you understand the decisions you need to make, and then help you make them.

Personal Taxes

Maybe you don’t own a business, and you just need help with your individual taxes. We have lots of clients just like you. It is important for most every household to have a “tax person.”  Someone you can count on to stay on top of the ever-changing tax law who can relate those changes to you.

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