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We provide support for your unique business needs. Whether it’s bookkeeping, payroll, or more sophisticated accounting, we can help. If you are looking for outsourced accounting, contact KLPCPAs today!

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We’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small businesses for a very long time. We understand the evolution that small businesses go through from inception through growth, and we understand how the needs change over time.

When you, the entrepreneur, first decide it’s time to launch your venture, funds are limited and you personally do the bookkeeping function. It might work for awhile, but as the business grows and prospers, you start realizing that running the business leaves precious little time for writing checks and reconciling bank accounts.

The answer is to, perhaps, hire an assistant. There are lots of other little things that you, the business owner, would like someone else to take off your plate.  This can work when you can hire and keep the right person, and if the non-accounting duties don’t consume all of your assistant’s time or the complexity of your business’s accounting application doesn’t outgrow your assistant’s skills. That’s a lot of ifs.

Here are a few reasons to consider our outsourced accounting services.

More Reliable Information
People with formal training in accounting and bookkeeping are less likely to make mistakes than someone doing it in their spare time.

More Timely Information 
When we set a target date for your monthly financials, we hit that deadline every time.

Partner or Manager Review
All monthly financial statements that we prepare are reviewed by partners or managers.

Access to Experts
When you have a question, an experienced accounting professional will be familiar with your business’s current financial situation.

For important services like payroll and bookkeeping.

Not to mention that while the expense of employees continues to increase, outsourcing your accounting to a firm like KLP is a lot easier, and frankly a good investment.

In short, you will manage what you can measure, but if things aren’t being accurately and meaningfully measured, your management skills can become impaired. We’ve seen businesses fail when the accounting function is neglected. Contact KLP today to learn more about how our outsourced accounting services can benefit you and your business as you grow.

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