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Running a professional services organization can be very challenging. Tracking the revenue and costs of a consulting organization can be very complicated. If you have government contracts incredibly detailed records can be required. The lag between doing work and getting paid for it can also be very long. Put all these factors together and you can have a very complex accounting application.

You need a good job cost system for many reasons. Getting a job cost systems in place and getting people trained properly will help you answer these types of questions:

  • How are you performing from one job to the next?
  • Are the people in your organization as efficient as they should be?
  • Are you accumulating costs for which you can be reimbursed?
  • Can you supply your customer with detailed information necessary to be paid?
  • How’s your cash flow?
  • What’s your backlog?
  • What do the answers tell you about your human resource needs?

Someone in your organization needs to be able to put all this information together. And, it can’t be done without a good accounting system and people who know how to operate that system. We’ve worked with professional service organizations in many capacities over the years.

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