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Kehlenbrink, Lawrence and Pauckner CPAs helps both large and small not for profit organizations with a variety of essential services. If you run a not for profit, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Typically, large not for profit organizations have a team of skilled in-house accounting people. Smaller non-profits might be operating with a limited budget while working hard to maintain the highest benefits possible for their members or beneficiaries. We’ve worked with a wide range of not for profit organizations.

We have extensive experience auditing large not for profits while working hand in hand with their audit committees. This requires superior communication and presentation skills. Most of these are large non-profit clients who have been with us for many years and have also sought our consulting expertise to deal with a wide range of problems.

Some of our smaller non-profit clients have also outsourced accounting functions to our firm. In these situations, we typically provide management with monthly financial statements while also assuming primary responsibility for the payroll function. This allows the organization to minimize the number of employees and the related cost. In these situations, we often work with the board of directors as their lead financial resource.

Whether you’re a large not for profit or a small not for profit, KLP can help you.

Contact us today to request more information on any of our services. One of our dedicated accountants is available and committed to helping you with your non-profit needs.